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So last night I had this dream that I was in the shopping store which was a little community it had all my friends and family wrestling what not, well I was looking for my bestfriend in this so called store and I ended up meeting Wade Barrett, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan, well me and Rowan ended up looking for her and we became close friends, like in my dream he was so nice and helpful and like the coolest ever…. Lol so now I absolutely love him and Harper more, not Barrett love but when I see them I smile more now lol im done ✋


everyone’s sad that Dean has been gone for like a week and im here still crying over Barrett like

  • ~growing up bella~
  • [soft piano music]
  • nikki bella: once...when we were younger...
  • nikki bella: i killed a man
  • nikki bella: and brie.. she was so selfish she wouldnt help me hide the body
  • nikki bella: but i never told anyone
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Roman still treats Seth like a baby brother.


He did not have to throw that briefcase that hard at him. Lol


Seth “butter fingers” Rollins.

Omg I would fuck the authority. No shame

Why in this day and age is buying tampons at the store for you and your friend so bad. Just because I have candy and five boxes of tampons in my hand doesn’t mean you should stare. Like hello im sorry that we bleed out our insides every month.


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Those fanfic stories that end with them not getting together and the girl ending up being a total bitch…
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